About W.R.C.C

The office of the Western Regional Co-ordinating Council (WRCC) was established under section 26 of the Civil Service Law 1993, (P.N.D.C Law 327) to replace the then Regional Administration. The Local Government Act, 1993, (Act 462) established the Regional Co-ordinating Council as part of the new arrangements for local government in Ghana. The Regional Co-ordinating Council is responsible for the regional management and performs any functions assigned to it under the said law.

According to section 146 of Act 462, the RCC is chaired by the Regional Minister. The Regional Co-ordinating Director is the Secretary to the RCC. He is also the Chief Director to the Minister as stated in sub section 4 of section 146 of Act 462. The RCC has a Regional Planning Co-ordinating Unit (RPCU) as required by section 143 of Act 462. It is responsible for co-ordinating, monitoring, evaluating and harmonisation of District Development Plans and activities of Decentralised Departments. The RPCU comprises of 11 Heads of Department of the RCC in line with the National Development Planning Commission (NDPC) guidelines

Our Mission & Vision


Mission of WRCC

The office of the Western Regional Coordinating Council (WRCC) exists to facilitate the overall development of the Western Region by effectively coordinating, monitoring and evaluating the activities of the Ministries, Departments, Agencies, District Assemblies and Non- Governmental Agencies operating in the Region, so as to improve the quality of life of the people.


Vision of WRCC

To achieve an enviable, peaceful and progressive development within the region, with a high standard of living for its people and a conducive atmosphere, where the dreams and aspirations of its inhabitants can be attained and maximized.


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